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            Home  >   About Us

         We are a professional hanger manufactory and supplier in the famous Wooden hanger production base -Lipu Town, Guilin City, 90% wooden hangers are making in our City.

         Owing to the hangers industry chain, we could produce and offer the hangers with good quality and most advantaged prices. Our products contain kinds of wooden hangers, plywood hangers, metal hangers, plastic hangers, velvet hangers and so on, we also accept all customized order.

            We have more than 20 year experience on this field

            We have professional production line and workers

            We have professional sales and service team

            We have professional quality control system

            We have professional packer and loading machine

            We do what you want, we promise what we say


Factory Add:

Beside Ligui Road,In The Fork Of Shuangjiang Road,Lipu Town,Guilin

City,Guangxi Province,China


 Email: [email protected] 

           [email protected]  




   +86(010)80115555 ext.342796






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